Sockeye Salmon Burgers
These delightful, delicately seasoned burgers are made from sustainably
sourced wild sockeye salmon. Only the best, cleanest ingredients would compliment the best fish BC has to offer. They’re recommended for the grill, but are also great pan-fried.

Candied Pink Salmon
Wild-caught, premium pink salmon fillets are cured with sugar and salt, then slowly smoked. This process imparts a delicious, smoky flavor that subtly compliments the flavour of the fish. The result is a rich, bold, sweet tasting salmon with beautifully balanced flavour.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Keep these on hand to serve and surprise guests. Plump and juicy scallops
wrapped in Canadian naturally smoked bacon.

Cod Cakes
Inspired by the pub-style favourite, these cakes have a light batter that creates a crisp coating for the tender, flaky Pacific cod. Cook until crunchy, then sandwich in buns
with tartar sauce and lettuce, or serve as an appetiser.

Sockeye Pinwheels
For a not only fast but fancy meal, wild BC Sockeye Salmon Pinwheels. They’re fully prepared and ready in minutes. All you have to do is bake and take all the delicious credit.

Sockeye Fillets
Sockeye salmon is a magnificent fish highly prized for its great flavour and tender, naturally bright coloured flesh. It needs only the lightest cooking to enjoy at its best or better yet, eaten raw. Delicately flavoured and rich in texture, just like you’d expect from a west coast sockeye salmon.

Tataki (seared) Albacore Tuna Loins
Tataki is the Japanese term for a flash-seared fish fillet that’s rare except for a thin exterior crust. The smoky notes of the seared exterior highlight the ocean-fresh flavor of
line-caught wild albacore tuna.
For the best presentation, slice your whole Tuna Tataki Loins while still partially frozen.

Cold Smoked Albacore Tuna Loins
The refined notes of this delicately smoked and cured loin highlight the ocean-fresh flavour of line-caught wild albacore tuna. 

Peppered Smoked Salmon
Full flavour coho salmon portions with a healthy dose of cracked pepper and delicately smoked.

Whole Pink Scallops 
Local, wild BC Scallops are here once again. Sweet flavour and beautiful pink shells highlight this west coast delight.